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Tam Dao Golf Resort

Since 07/01/2007, Tam Dao Golf Resort was ready to reserve customer with a 18-holes-golf course and all of the services of Tam Dao golf course club.+
Tam Dao Golf Resort is located 65km from the Center of Hanoi (about 60 minutes when going by car). This location make Tam Dao Golf Resort have a magnificent views of the surrounding and farmland. Tam Dao Golf Resort was designed and built by IMG, a famous co-operation in managing and marketing sports. Tam Dao Golf Resort also is a highly challenging golf course, with High Class International Standards. The course uses modern grass type, Sea Isle 2000, thus ensuring all year round playability.
Please view more: Tam Dao Golf Resort
Address: Hop Chau, Tam Dao, Vinh Phuc, Vietnam
For booking and best course rate, please contact:
UniGolf Services Company
   Mr. Cao Hùng (Andrew)
Mr. Cao Hùng (Andrew)
Tel: (+84) 918 701 672 / (+84) 90 999 8534

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